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What is our speciality?

How to eat our Rillettes (spreads)?


Smoked salmon & Philadelphia cream cheese Croissant

Preparation time: 5 min - No cooking

Ingredients for 2 croissants:

1 Americannery smoked salmon rillettes - 4 tbsp original Philadelphia cream cheese - 2 croissants - fresh spinach - roasted bell peppers - salt & pepper. 

Mix your Americannery Salmon rillettes with some Philadelphia cream cheese. Salt (if necessary) and pepper. Cut 2 French croissants in half and spread your salmon & cream cheese on the bottom side. Add fresh spinach leaves. Put the other part of the croissant on the top. In a plate, arrange one salmon croissant and some fresh spinach leaves. Cover the salad with thin strips of roasted bell peppers. Sprinkle the spinach leaves with the flavored roasted bell peppers oil.


Smoked Tuna tartar

Preparation time: 10 min - No cooking

Ingredients for 2 people:

1 Americannery smoked Tuna rillettes - 3 French cornichons - ¼ Red bell pepper - ¼ Yellow pepper - Dices of onion - Salt & pepper - Balsamic vinegar
Cut the French cornichons, onion, yellow and red bell peppers into small dices. Place them in a large bowl. Add your Americannery smoked Tuna rillettes into the bowl, and mix it with all the dices. Season with salt & pepper. Form 2 domes with your preparation and place them in the center of your plates. Sprinkle with pepper for decoration. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar.


Smoked Tuna Pizza

Pizza - Preparation time: 15 min

Ingredients for a pizza:

1 Americannery white Tuna rillettes - 1 Pizza dough - 1/2 can of organic tomato sauce - 1 smoked mozzarella - 10 cherry tomatoes - 1 tsp of dry oregano - 1/4 of red onion shaved - 1/2 of fennel roots (anise) shaved - few leaves of cilantro.

Spread some tomato sauce on the dough, add salt, black pepper, dry oregano, and a little bit of olive oil on the sauce. Then slice the cherry tomatoes in half, cut the mozzarella in small cubes and spread them on your pizza. Cook it in the oven until the dough is fully cooked (8 to 10 min at 500°F). In the meantime, shave the red onion and fennel with a sharp knife or mandolin, and get a spoon ready to spread the Americannery white Tuna rillettes on top of the pizza. When your pizza is cooked, add the smoked Tuna, fennel, red onion and cilantro on top at your convenience. Put the pizza back 1 min in the oven.


Lobster oil

A true culinary invitation to sublimate your preparations. Drizzle on pasta, salad, fish...


Nice gifts for those who already have everything! It's so unique, and so good.

They have a great selection of imported French seafood rillettes. Delicious on crackers or toasts with a glass of wine.

Their smoked salmon rillettes taste like homemade spreads... and we are from Alaska!

They make UNIQUE and great corporate gifts.

I always have some Americannery rillettes at home. They are shelf stable. 

Amazing seafood rillettes, charcuterie, cheese and wine. Love the Black Truffle Salami. A must.

We chose the Indian style Tuna and the Lobster rillettes to pair with their charcuterie. OMG, so delicious!

It is very unique and very European flair!!! The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable.

They have great 'Duffy Kits’ that are perfect for picnics or happy hour! Good French wines too!


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