Oldport Beach

The story of the cannery covers nearly 90 years of American history. It began in 1921 when the first commercial fish cannery was built due to the active commercial fishing boat activity in Newport Beach, CA.

The canning operation was then done by hand at the rate of 400 cases of fish a day. Better machinery and enlarged facilities later increased it to 5,000 cases a day. The coming of automation in the 1950s sped up the canning process. Soon, thousands of pounds of seafood were being packed per day. The record set is believed to be 135 tons of mackerel out to sea. On August 1, 1966, the Cannery closed.

Americannery brings back to Newport Beach a tradition for too long forgotten. Even if our cannery is on a small island from Brittany in another part of the world, we are driven by the same passion for the old art of canning. So, yes we can!