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What is the speciality of Americannery?

Americannery is specialized in seafood spreads, called "rillettes" in French. They are all cooked in Brittany, France, and exclusively made of noble pieces. They are slowly cooked in large pots without grinding, until everything melts. They retains the rich texture of the seafood, as well as their nutritional qualities.

Our recipes enhance the taste of seafood with our choice of organic spices and vegetables. Hot sterilization avoids the use of preservatives. The quality of the products used means we do not need to add food coloring. Our rillettes are shelf stable and ready to enjoy.

How to eat our spreads (rillettes)?

A very French way to enjoy our spreads is to add them chilled to your charcuterie and cheese boards! Spread on crackers, baguette or on your favorite bread, and served with a glass of wine, they will take you away to France! A few veggies, fruits and nuts on the board will make the perfect healthy treat.

Bon app├ętit!

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