About Us

Americannery, a family-owned business. 

We are Florence & Fred, a French couple who created Americannery in 2019. A little bit about ourselves. We met in Cincinnati, OH when we were both students at university. The most incredible part of our story is that we had to move to the US to run into each other! We were both raised in Versailles, France but never met over there… It was meant to be!

After our graduation, we went back to France, found a job, got married, and had kids. But our heart was still in America, we couldn’t forget our adopted country. In 2019, with more than ever the desire to move back to America, we felt the time was right for a new adventure. After our kids graduated from university, we decided to move back to America.

 But for what kind of business? Where in the USA?

Even if our previous experience on the East coast was nice, we wanted to explore another part of America. We decided we would settle in Southern California!

We also knew we wanted to run a business really different, not the usual French bakery. We thought about offering something oriented towards the “French apéritif” (happy hour, appetizer). We had in mind a very unique product, a very coastal French product, not yet offered on the new snacking wonder populating every Californian party: the charcuterie boards. 

That was it! We were going to introduce to America those seafood dips so famous in Brittany. 

We knew we had to work with the best Artisan so we contacted our good friend Marianne from Groix & Nature and soon we had the largest game of seafood rillettes available to conquer the US market.

We have the same vision of what a premium product should be, it must contain no preservatives or artificial ingredients, it should be SHELF STABLE, and all the recipes should be worthy of a five-star restaurant. 

We opened Americannery, the first French gourmet seafood store in all of America. It is funny to think that our products go from a small island in the Atlantic to Balboa Island, an even smaller island in the Pacific. Interesting also by the fact that Newport Beach used to be one of the biggest fishing harbor in California.

In our store, you will not only find the best seafood, but we also carry French Artisan salamis, rare wines and cheeses, and delicious cookies.